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Since I started this blog on October 2012, I've done many free reviews from different sellers (specially handmade products), not only because I love to discover new brands, but also because I like to help my readers discover things that they might also enjoy.

While at the beginning I was talking about a product without receiving it (only using the information on the seller's website), that turned out to be really time consuming, specially after spending a lot of time working on a post. I love to help sellers because I know how hard it is to sell a product, but at the same time I believe I do a good job on keeping up with this blog, and that what I'm asking for is really not that much: just a sample of your work. Benefits will come back to you as well, after all :)

If you're a handmade seller, and you want to see a review on my blog about an item you sell, you can contact me at

These are the guidelines:

  • The review is totally free, but in exchange you'll have to send me the item (it won't be returned to you). For that you'll have to also keep in mind that I live in Europe. 
  • I'll highlight the good qualities of your product, and post photos along with the post.
  • In the post I'll link to all your sites (shop, blog, twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc)
  • During the day the review is posted I'll send three twitter shouts about your shop/product.
  • The post will come with a disclosure, to let people know that I got the product in exchange of a review. This is not something to be seen as negative, actually the fact that I clearly stat on the post that I was asked to review the item will say a lot in favor of you as a seller.
  • I reserve the right to don't accept your product if I feel that it won't fit my readers. 

Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to work together!

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