Hi, my name is Laura, and I'm the girl behind this blog. I'm happy to see you here! 

I live in Spain, in a little rural Catalan village surrounded by fields, and located one hour away from Barcelona, one hour away from the sea, and one hour away from France. I guess I can say  that"one hour" is the way we have to measure distances in here. 

"La Caseta de Paper" is a Catalan name for what in English would be "The Little Paper House". The name of this blog comes from my love for anything related with paper. I also love photography, the Social Media, life at home and snailmail. I'm also a fan of all the little things in life, so I guess this blog is a mix of all these things. In here you'll find inspirational posts, photography, recipes, craft projects, tips, freebies, and a lot of happiness and good intentions. 

Enjoy your stay!


  1. Hi Laura..I've discovered you thanks to a Colleague from Etsy Ireland Team, ...how funny !!
    I was living 2 years ago at '1 hour as well' far away from interesting places that I still love them !! LOL
    Nice to 'see you'...your blog is brilliant !
    Margarita /linen artisan

  2. Haha, I'm from a small town, and the way I have to explain to people where it is is usually "thirty-minutes East of Purcell" or "thirty minutes South of Shawnee" or "thirty minutes North of Ada." I always judge distance by time too...and especially when you start talking to people around the world not everyone measures distance in the same ways either...but everybody knows time!

    Your photos are beautiful! Nice to "meet" you!