Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Discovering the concept of Pocket Letters

I've been snailmailing for a long while now, since I was a teen. I love exchanging letters and the feeling of getting something in the mail that has been writen only for you. When I first heard about Pocket Letters I really loved the concept of it, but I thought it was something out of my hands because it seemed so complex and kind of time consuming. Still, after a conversation on Facebook about how hard it was to find here in Spain the sleeves used for them, a friend from Australia sent me some sleeeves, which totally gave me the last push I needed to try to create my own pocket letters and send them to my penpals.

What I'm posting here are my first two pocket letters. I'm still a newbie and learning, but I'm totally enjoying it. If you love penpalling, and haven't got into pocket letters yet, I totally recommend it, there's a bunch of tutorials on Youtube that explain how to make them. But the most important thing to create a pocket letter is that there's not one right way to do it, the limit is just your imagination.

My first pocket letter ever. I sent it to Australia, to the girl who sent me the sleeves.

My second pocket letter. This one was sent to my friend in France.

What about you? Are you a fan of snailmail? Have you ever sent or received a pocket letter?


  1. I love pocket letter, i'm so glad you told me about it in the first place. The plastic sleeves are a bit hard to find here though since baseball cards are not a thing here (most kid collect panini stickers instead) so thanks again for sharing. Of course i loved the one you sent me, and i'm currently finishing yours <3