Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First steps in journaling!

For a long while (months) I had been playing in my head with the idea of starting a journal, even if I'm not the most creative person when it comes to that. A few weeks ago I bought a purple Moleskine notebook with blank pages, convinced that this would get me started... and it did! I still don't know where this journey will take me, but so far the beginning has been a pleasant experience. Hopefuly this will improve my creativity and expand my horizons!

Do you keep a journal? Has something in you (or in your life) changed thanks to it?


  1. Lovely <3

    I love having an art journal (even tho i've been a bit out of inspiration for the past months) because it helps getting things out of your mind sometimes, plus it's fun and relaxing :)

    Congrats on yours, keep it up!

    1. Thanks! And I totally agree, I'm glad I got into it!