Monday, January 26, 2015

10 practical uses for the Ikea Variera box

On a recent trip to Ikea I discovered the wonders of the Variera Box. At the beginning I was really skeptical about it (I don't really like boxes with no cover because I feel like dust gets inside easily), but because it looked functional and pretty (it has the simple kind of prettiness to it) I decided to give it a try and bring one home with me. After using it to store oil/salt and vinegar bottles in one of the kitchen cabinets, I decided that I needed more of them, so I took another trip to Ikea and ended up going back home with two more of them (one for baking products, the other for spices). 

I love how easy it is to fit them in the kitchen cabinets and just pull them out when you need something, without dealing with all the products scatered around. That made me think about all the uses that the Variera box might have outside the kitchen, and how practical it could be to store different stuff all over the apartment. That's when I decided to come up with this post, which I have to clarify that is not sponsored or anything like that, just based on my personal experience (and let's face it, for my love for this product). By the way, did I mention that the come in assorted glossy colors for the inside?


1. To store bathroom products, like they show at The Budget Decorator.

(Photo by The Budget Decorator)

2. To store crayons, or other coloring pencils

3. As a mail station organizer (using more than one to sort the mail immediately just when you receive it). 

4. To organize your pantry, like Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! did

(Photo by Hi Sugarplum!)

5. To keep in the same place all the loose small pieces of scrapbooking paper that you had left from your craft projects.

6. In the storage room, to keep bulbs, batteries, wires, and all kind of stuff separated.

7. To keep tupperware lids all at the same place

9. On the counter of your kitchen, to place pots of aromatic plants without having to worry about making a mess when you water them.

10. To keep your cleaning products classified, so you can carry the right ones depending on what you're going to clean.


  1. That box is so so practical, I'm glad you made me discover them. I'm planning to use the ones i got for the office to store my acrylic paint tubes and my stamps. Thanks for sharing those cool ideas !

    1. Thanks to you for the comment :) I'm glad you find it practical, it's really awesome!

  2. I love that so many IKEA products are versatile like this. I like the pantry organization idea!

    1. Yes, they are! And the prices of them just makes them more awesome!

  3. yo tengo uno y lo uso para los productos de limpieza .