Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Catching up with the blog!

I just realized it's been more than a couple of months since my last entry on this blog. The truth is that for a while I've been making myself a lot of questions about where La Caseta de Paper is going, wondering what I want to do with it, what I want to change, and also trying to gather enough motivation to keep this place active. There has been days in which I've wondered if I should just put it on hiatus, other days I even pondering deleting it, but looking at it with perspective now I'm glad I didn't. I like this little space I have on the Internet, I met people in here, and I would truly miss it if I just decided to give up and close it.

I think we all bloggers have gone through a similar phase, and we all have gone through some phases in which all inspiration and motivation seem to have vanished, so I know you know what I'm talking about. I don't want to put pressure on myself and tell me I'll update daily because the less thing I want right now is to commit into something that I still don't know if I can do. But what's for sure is that I'm trying to recover the illusion that back then made me start this blog, and reconvert it into something I like, a place where I can feel comfortable in.

Something I always missed in my blog was more text, more communication. I love to keep things graphic but I think that some interaction with my readers doesn't really imply something negative (you don't have to get too personal to communicate things, after all). So that's what I'll try to do from now on: communicate. After all that's the main reason that pushes us to have a blog, isn't it?

To catch up with what Autumn was, I'm posting a couple of pics of the Fall smashbook/journal pages I made. And hopefully this will lead to more post!


  1. I totally know what you mean, I haven't been posting on my blog for forever, can't put myself to delete it and some days i miss it, yet i'm not sure how to go back to it. In any case it's nice to see you back here :3

  2. Your book looks great! I love the color combination. Something I struggle with a lot is the combination of colors when I create things especially on paper.

    I totally understand your feelings regarding blogs and posting. I have been posting about 1-2 times a month. Its easy for me to say that its because I don't have time but that is not really the case. I have a few minutes to whip up a post but the main reason is I just don't feel like it. I haven't felt motivated to write things. I come up with ideas but then feel blah when I start writing them down. I'm hoping that will change, I love blogging and definitely want to keep up with it.