Thursday, May 8, 2014

Interview to Sara from Crafts of Texture

As it's being usual on Thursdays, today we have another interview in the blog! Let me introduce you all to Sara from Crafts of Texture, a blog dedicated to the wool and all the crafting and fashion that goes around it. If you're passionate about knitwear, go and say hi! But first read this interview and get to know Sara a little better.


1. Hi Sara! We're so happy to have you on the blog! 

Hi... lovely to be here Laura. Thank you for inviting me over!

2. You started your blog back on 2007... it has rained a lot since then! Do you think your blog has changed a lot since the beginning?

 Oh, yes... I started in June 2007, with no idea what a blog really was or how to write one. My aim initially was to 'explore crafts of texture; from my new craft business and it's products to my creative projects and artworks', giving tips and tricks along the way. I guess it was my main aim to promote Sara's Texture Crafts... a free form of advertising, if you will. I had no idea that it would become my own small slice of the creative community and that I would meet a lot of creative folk as a result. I had no idea that my journey would include writing articles for an on-line magazine and reviews for publishing companies either, or that I would create a fledgling business from my blog. Back then my focus was general textile crafts, now that has become more defined as 'Wool'... I work with wool and craft with wool, so blogging about it seems natural. That's where my niche is and I have a growing readership for it. Of course I still write tutorials and feature other indie artists, but I focus my efforts around the subject of wool; wool fashion, wool lifestyle, wool crafts and wool business.

(Photo by Crafts of texture)

3. In your blog you share all kind of crafts related to wool, knitwear and fashion. How and when did you learn to knit? Which was your first handmade wool item?

 I learnt to knit initially when I was about 6... my mother and grandmother taught me the basics. I don't remember making anything specific at that time, but later on at about 13 I knit my own cabled skirt in a florescent orange acrylic yarn (the colour was very vogue then... I promise!)... it was a technical triumph... I think I wore it once! I left knitting there in pursuit of creating woven fashions and didn't pick knitting back up until probably 2009/10?? This was in direct response to my learning to spin yarn for work and not being quite sure what to do with it all.

4. If you had to define yourself with only five adjectives, which ones would them be?

Creative, colourful, studious, hard-working, textured... not necessarily in that order!

5. Imagine that a new blogger is asking you a general advice. What would you tell them? 

 I would say start from the heart... blog about what matters to you and what inspires you. Your blog will evolve and take form as you write and meeting readers and fellow bloggers will inspire your writing. Enjoy that journey... don't be afraid to take the plunge!

(Photo by Crafts of texture)

6. Thanks so much for sharing these answers with us Sara!

I've had a great time, thank you very much for having me... big hugs x Thank you Laura for this... much appreciated. I will send over my interview questions during the week. Have a lovely day. Kind Regards,

If you want to know more about Sara, this is where you can find her:


  1. I love wook so I'll definitely take a look. Nice interview, by the way!