Monday, February 3, 2014

Discovering "Born Pretty"

When Jenny from Born Pretty contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing their products in the blog, I had never heard from that online store before. I don't do much reviews or sponsored posts in here, and that's because when I do one I want to make sure that I'm recommending a product that I truly like and I want others to discover. For sure this is the case of Born Pretty, an online shop that sells really pretty accessories at very affordable prices.

Pink Oval Retro Ring  

When I accepted to review their items, they were really nice and offered to send me two of their rings, the ones that I liked the best. One of the rings I picked is the Pink Oval Retro Ring that I posted above. I just couldn't resist it (that color is going to be perfect for Spring!). Let me start by telling you that right now they have that ring at 70% off and it only costs $0.99! How awesome is that? Not only I was susprised to see that it was a really nice ring for the price that they sell it, but it's also an adjustable one, which means that it will fit any size or finger where you want to wear it. One of the reasons I chose that one is because I have a Spring/Summer party dress that is exactly that color, and which the ring is going to match in a lovely way. It looks festive, pretty, and with a touch of vintage that I really like. 

The other ring I picked is a really cute bow ring (photo below) that I couldn't resist, because despite being so simple, it's just so beautiful. Like the other ring this one is also adjustable, and its design is really easy to wear, being the perfect match for both jeans or for a party dress. And the price is also awesome! (it costs only $1.27), what else can you ask for?

These were my picks and the rings that I really loved from their website, but since we all have our own personal style and taste you should totally check out the products they offer, as they have a LOT of choices and all of them at awesomely affordable prices. They ship WORLDWIDE, and in their website you can find jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces...), nail art, watches, hair decoration, and all kind of accessories.

The best of buying at Born Pretty:

- They ship worldwide, so no matter where you are (I'm in Spain) you'll receive the product.
- They have LOTS of choices to match all your outfits and styles.
- They always have discounts and promotions going on.
- Even if you're buying a cheap item, it still looks nice.
- They are a very accessible company, communication with the buyer is really important for them.
- They offer what is trendy, so there you can find similar product that they sell in more expensive stores, but for a better price.

If you check them out, and you decide to get something, use the discount cupon below to get a 10% off on your purchase! In that way you can reduce even more their already awesome prices :)


  1. I really like the rings you picked :) Will go check out their website now!

  2. Those rings are really cute! I'll go check their website for sure, thanks for the link!

  3. The pink ring is really cute!! The .99 is pretty awesome.