Thursday, January 9, 2014

Color Palette: Light and Cheerful for the Living Room

It has been a while since the last time I posted one of these color palettes/decoration posts. I was missing it! Today I had fun putting together a bright and cheerful style, with a white coach that gets accentuaded with bright complements. The best of it? When you get tired of the colors is easier to change the complements than changing the couch!

Ja feia molts dies que no feia una entrada de paletes de colors/decoració. Ja ho trobava a faltar! Avui m'he entretingut combinant elements lluminosos i divertits, amb un sofà de color blanc que queda accentuat amb complements acolorits. El millor de tot? Quan et cansis dels colors és més fàcil canviar de complements que no pas de sofà!

Light and Cheerful

Mid century lamp
€145 -

Yellow bedding
€40 -

H M white bedding
€4,82 -

John Richard home decor
€490 -

White furniture
€295 -

CB2 industrial furniture
€95 -


  1. I love that Railway pillowcase. I didn't even know H&M was making home stuff. Thanks for sharing your nice list :)

    1. I hope that H&M will open home stores here soon, they seem to have really cool stuff!

  2. I was at IKEA getting some storage bins the other day, and I sat on one of those couches just for fun. They're really comfy!

    1. I really love them! I haven't sit in them yet, but now you got me curious. I'll have to try them the next time I visit ikea! (which most likely will be soon, I need a rug for the bedroom)