Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Color Palette: One Week Away from Christmas

One Week Away from Christmas

Linea blue stoneware
€8,28 -

Linea stoneware mug
€5,79 -

Blue ornament
€25 -

Christmas candy dish
€22 -

Christmas home decor
€11 -

Pier 1 Imports cranberry candle
€5,24 -

Pier 1 Imports floral decor
€4,33 -

GreenGate christmas holiday decor
€2,37 -

Gray home decor


  1. That zara home gnome is so extra cute <3 I also love the pillow with the reeinders!!

    1. I got that gnome last year and it makes me so happy, the only problem is that is supposed to stand still but sometimes it doesn't, so it needs some kind of support if you place it on a shelf.