Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Look behind your back: A Halloween countdown! - Guest post from Jennifer (Grits & Moxie)

The first half of October is already gone, and Halloween is only two weeks away! Can you believe how fast time goes by? Last week we started this Halloween countdown in which different bloggers tell us scary stories that really happened to them, so we can all get into the Halloween mood a little bit easier. This week is the turn of Jennifer from Grits and Moxie! Grab a blanket and a cup of warm tea and get comfy to read her story! And when you're done, you can stop by at her blog and say hi :)

My husband and I are avid adventurers (well, car camper extraordinaires to be exact) and are always looking for an opportunity to break out the ol’ tent and start a campfire under the stars. Now that fall is here (YAY!) the Blue Ridge Mountains called our names…’Braddddddyyyy & Jennnnn, come see all the leaves change and drink beer and snuggle under blankets.’ Oh, ok. Done.

 Then we had something weird happen.

 I woke up at around 1am due to something snuffling and snorting outside the tent. Now, there were a gazillion leaves on the ground so the crunch-crunch-crunch of them is a good indication of how big an animal is...and this thing made some good crunchy sounds. Yikes! It also made this weird slithering sound. What the what? Then I remembered that we'd left our trash dangling from the hook on the other side of the campsite.

 Shit. Shitshitshit.

All I could think about was that we'd camped/hiked/slept in areas where grizzlies and mountain lions roamed, and now we were going to be attacked by a supposedly very shy black bear over the remnants of the veggie dogs we stupidly left out. And it was going to be all our own fault! But then the animal left the area (crunching away) and I relaxed for a moment to prepare myself to bolt from the tent and grab the trash bag and then bolt to the car. Just as I was putting on my shoes I heard it again. Then a huge, I mean huge, distorted shadow passed over the tent...thrown from the dim lights of the bathhouse down the way. And then the slithering sound again. Just what was this thing? An ROUS?

I carefully leaned over and whispered to Brady sleeping form 'there's something outside the tent' which he heard, due to grogginess, as 'there's something inside the tent' and preceded to freak out but in a whispered voice. It would've been hilarious if I honestly wasn't terrified beyond reason by that point. We decided to count to 3 then unzipped the tent from each side and (bravely? stupidly?) proceeded out into the freezing darkness. Lights shining everywhere, like we were the crazed FBI guys in E.T., we searched our site and saw nothing.

No. Nononono. There had been something there! I heard it! I saw the shadow!

I walked down a ways to double check and then I heard it again. Right behind me. Whirling around to face whatever the mysterious thing was, I met eyes with...with...with...a huge, hairy, panting, grinning animal!

A Golden Retriever, to be exact. A Golden Retriever dragging a leash and belonging to some older folks down the way. Her name was Precious and she had torn a hole in the tent to make her daring, albeit not too successful, escape into the mountains. I must admit that I was torn between relief (dog is safe and we are safe and no bear? yay!) and a bit of satisfaction (your dog woke us up in the middle of the night by pretending to be scary animal and now we get to wake you up!). Hey, it was really late and I was tired and I was cold! I should be forgiven for my unkind thoughts, eh?

We went back to our tent, snuggled up, laughed for a good bit and then fell back to sleep. Oh, and we left the damn trash out...again. Sheesh.

 The End.

Thanks so much to Jennifer for sharing her story! 
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  1. Thank you for letting me share my silly scary story! :D

  2. Awww..that is so funny!! I probably would not have left the tent. That would be a job for the boyfriend.