Monday, October 14, 2013

Interview to Birgit from The Picture Garden

Happy Monday everybody! In the past weeks I've started the week posting interviews to awesome bloggers, and today is not going to be an exception. Some weeks ago I shared with you guys the lovely work of Birgit from The Picture Garden, and today I'm really happy to post this interview that she kindly agreed to answer. I hope you'll enjoy it, and when you've read it, go to her blog and say hi! :)

1. Where does the name of your Etsy Shop (The Picture Garden) come from?
Oddly enough the name already existed long before I even thought about opening my shop. When I created my own book blog The Book Garden about three years ago, I had different features planned for every day of the week and one day was dedicated to seeing the world through the lens of my camera. The name of the feature? Picture Garden. Apparently I have a thing for gardens, but joking aside, my book blog's name was inspired by the Persian proverb "A book is like a garden carried in your pocket." and this works just as well for a camera I think.

2. What is your inspiration when you take photos? What do you try to capture?
I find inspiration everywhere I go - from my living room to far away places - and more often than not it's the small details that make me get out my camera. If I had to name a preference I'd have to say I love capturing nature in all its beauty and colors the most. Ultimately I like to take pictures of pretty much anything except for people, but I'm working on that. 

 3. Since when you've been a photographer? How did you start? 
The step from a fun hobby to the realization that I had every right to call myself a photographer was a small one. The first moment when my talent for great shots became apparant to me was in a course I took at University many years ago. Our teacher was a well known press photographer and he was ruthless and not afraid to tell people when their work sucked. Frankly, I was scared when the day arrived that we had to present the results of our assigned work. I still remember how I let everyone in class go ahead, listening to the crushing remarks our teacher made in most cases. When it was my time to present my photos he just looked at them, then at me, and he said, "Sold!". I swear I was floating back to my seat, because as much as I had been hoping for high praise, I hadn't really expected it. I guess that was the defining moment that told me I was indeed a photographer and not just a person with a camera. 

4. What do you think about photo applications for the cell phone, such as Instagram? Do you think filters are "damaging" the photos? 
Personally I'm not using Instagram as I only own a super old cell phone which doesn't allow you to do more than make a phone call or send a text message, but I do like to "play around" with photos on sites like Pixlr and PicMonkey which I often use to spruce up an ordinary photo to use it as profile pic for my personal Faebook page. That being said, I think that filters can work wonders for photos - setting the mood and enhancing the scene captured - as long as it's well done. Most of the photos in my shop had to go through minor editing and I used filters on some of them too, but I know that other photographers are more puristic and wouldn't modify their work to this extent if their lives depended on it. 

5. Which is your favorite Autumn activity?
Currently I'd have to say it's reading cozy mysteries with a nice hot cup of tea by my side. Throw in some gingerbread and I'm in heaven. Not to say I don't love to take long walks, enjoying the changing of color all around me and breathing the crisp autumn air, but the colder it gets the more I like to loose myself in a good book (or two).

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