Monday, October 28, 2013

Eight Creepy Websites to get you into Halloween Mood

Photo taken last winter - fog over fields

Halloween week is here! As I advanced yesterday when I posted the Halloween Treasury, the blog is going to celebrate it with a bunch of Halloween related content! What's not to love about this time of the year?

To start the week, and to get you all into the mood of Halloween, I'm sharing links to some creepy websites that I either find interesting/creepy or just fun to watch. Believe me, if those can't get you into Halloween mood, then nothing will ;)


  1. 31 Days of Halloween is an initiative started by Atlas Obscura, in which every day of October they're sharing different creepy destinations from all over the world. It's an amazing alternative to regular travel websites, and the photos posted will leave you speechless.

  2. Creepy Pasta is a great source for paranormal stories and photos shared by people like you and me. They're extremely popular all over the Internet, and even if the site on my opinion could really use a little bit of a design update, they're still a great starting point if you're interested in the paranormal.

  3. I'm pretty sure you've already seen this collection of 31 Haunting Images of Abandoned Places That Will Give you Goose Bumps. If you haven't, go check them right now! And if you have already seen them this is a great chance to watch them again. You can never get enough!

  4. Great horror stories are all time classics of the Halloween week. In this link you will be able to find a selection of 25 horror stories that you can read online, and that they're written by famous writers like Stephen King. It worth bookmarking it.

  5. Either you love cemeteries because they're quiet and relaxing, or you love them because they're creepy, you can't miss the 25 Cemeteries That Will Scare You Out Of Your Skin list.

  6. If you're a fan of comics and horror stories, you might want to check Dong Ghost, a Korean comic translated in English. Warning: Proceed at your own risk!

  7. Can you get scared in just two sentences? You can find out with this list of the 40 creepy stories that have only a few words on them. I love it!

  8. The house is an online Flash game with a high dose of shock factor. Pull the mouse cursor around the house, and get ready to be scared!


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  1. I love this post! What a great collection of websites, I've bookmarked a handful of them. Thanks, and happy Halloween week! :)