Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cross Stitch: Little Squirrel

Some months ago I bought a little frame that I had wanted to put into good  use since weeks and weeks ago. I knew that I wanted to cross stitch something and frame it, I just never got around to do it, or I didn't really find anything that I liked. And then I saw the pattern of this little squirrel, and I loved it! Not only squirrels are my favorite animal, but it also seemed an appropriate pattern for Autumn. And this is the result :)

DMC colors used:

DMC 355 (squirrel)
DMC 3781 ( dark part of the hazelnut)
DMC 3828 (light part of the hazelnut)

The frame is from A Loja Do Gato Preto


  1. The squirrel suits the frame so perfectly! :)
    By the way, what is that book next to the frame...? (Pardon my snooping!)

    1. Thanks Ana!

      It's an illustrated book from a French artist called Margaux Motin. The book is called "But I really wanted to be an Anthropologist. I love it ,the drawings are really cute!

  2. So cute! Perfect match with the frame!