Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Review: The Summer I Became a Nerd

Title: The Summer I Became a Nerd                                          
Author: Leah Rae Miller
Genre: Contemporary YA
Publication: 2013
Rating: 3 / 5


I don't particularly like this cover, the colors are too bright and while it's nice there's no face on the cover, they could've done more with it I think. Play with the nerd part more for example.

The Story

Maddie (short for Madelyne) Summers looks like a typical cheerleader, she's blond, popular, has a bubbly personality and is dating the high school's quarterback. However what nobody knows is that Maddie is secretly a huge comic book fan and she'd rather be reading her favorite series instead of doing the cheer leading thing. She's a nerd hiding inside of a popular girl and nobody is allowed to know about it. During summer is the only time Maddie can really indulge in her being a nerd but this particular summer she slips up and gets involved with Logan, the boy from the comic book shop. He discovers her secret, they start hanging out and Maddie is pulled into a world of conventions, live-action role-playing and video games. She's loving it but at the same time she's also trying to keep things a secret, putting her relationship with Logan on the line.

My Thoughts

I picked this up initially because the title seemed like a fun premise and a fun book it was. I had a good time reading it but it isn't outstanding or anything. I like that while Maddie is presented as a popular girl, there's so much more to her and a nerdy girl that likes comics is a fun protagonist to have. Most of the time though I was kinda annoyed by her obsessiveness to hide that side of her. In the beginning I could get with it because that is who she is but once she gets involved with Logan and pulled in more and more into the world of comics her need to hide it becomes annoying, especially because it is clear how happy she is when she can finally be who she really is.

Another thing I liked was reading about comics, role playing, video games and conventions, it's a different scene than a lot of other books and because we discovered most of through Maddie's eyes, it's a good way to be introduced to these things, besides the comics, this is a whole new world for her as well. Logan's family is wonderful as well, they own the comic book store and are just all around awesome. Logan himself is great too, he's a perfect, sweet and dorky guy and perfect for Maddie.

The Summer I Became a Nerd, isn't a world changing book but a fun and fluffy read. A bit predictable at times but that's to expected with a story like this I guess. Obviously the book contains a lesson, be yourself, but it's well done and not overly preachy. Besides Maddie being a bit annoying at points, the characters are all fun as well and the romantic story is sweet but not too sweet. If you're looking for a quick and fun read without huge drama or angst, this is something you should pick up.

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  1. I read that book in August, and I enjoyed it as well. As you say it's not a book that is a great literature piece or that it will mark a "before and after" when you read it, but it's easy and interesting with lots of references to nerd stuff that I love. Definitely glad I picked it! I also wanted to say that I'm enjoying your book reviews, we seem to have similar taste.

    1. Exactly my feelings about it :) And sometimes it's fun to read these kinds of books I think, especially if they're like this one. Thank you so much for your nice comment! I'm glad you're enjoying them and I hope you'll find some recommendations among my reviews :) That said, if you ever think there's a book I'd like, let me know! I'm always open for suggestions.

  2. I added this book at my books to read shelf on goodreads (after seeing it in your goodreads page I think). It's a book I want to read, even if it's not a 4 or a 5 I still think it can be really entertaining as you say. Once again thanks so much for contributing to the blog! :)

    1. Yes, I remember seeing that on my timeline :) If you're in the mood for something like this, I think you'll enjoy it! I like these kind of books from time to time and to me 3 stars is still a good rating (I know some people seem to think it means a book is crap), it's just an enjoyable book that make doesn't have anything special or makes you feel anything special. You're very welcome! I'm having fun typing up these weekly reviews and for now I'm going back to books I read earlier this year because most of what I currently read where later parts in a series and I feel kinda weird reviewing book #2 or #3 without having done the first. But it's great to look back and reflect on what I read during the year. I completely forgot that I wanted to do a book that sort of fits Halloween last Saturday but maybe I can do something this week, even though it will be a couple of days after Halloween... Thanks again for having me!