Thursday, September 12, 2013

Survey: YOUR opinion matters to me :)

In the past days, I've been doing some changes to the blog, the biggest one of them has been to stop accepting paying sponsors. I noticed two things that were becoming a problem rather than an advantage when it comes to sponsorship: a) I ended up spending all my free time promoting blogs and products of other people, and b) my blog was becoming a mix-match of things that weren't really fitting the direction I had in mind with this blog. So at the end, and because let's face it, nobody gets rich with blog sponsors (is more the contrary, as most of you guys already know), I decided to accept just button swaps (which I stopped calling sponsors and I started calling supporters). Now I can still promote what others do, but I don't have to do it only because they're paying in exchange, and even more important,  I have on my sidebar those sites I feel that can relate better with the spirit of this blog and what I want to transmit in here, which means that when I post something about my supporters, I really mean it. And it also means less spam in social media sites about products that you guys maybe don't care about.

Other changes is that I'm trying to post a lot more original content: more freebies, more tutorials, more tips, more photos that I have taken, because after all, blogging is about creating original content.

I want this place to be not only something mine, but also a place where you feel comfortable. That's why I'd really appreciate if you could fill the survey you'll find below, as it will give me an idea of where I'm right now, and where I should be going from here. 

Want to help? It only takes a few minutes!

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