Monday, September 23, 2013

Interview to Alli from Our Misfit Isle

Alli is one of those bloggers that you like to follow because it's easy to relate with her posts. I was lucky to discover her blog only a few weeks ago, and it didn't take me much time to realize that behind her cute blog was also hiding a really sweet person. Here you have an interview that will help you know her (and her blog) a little better. The rest you'll have to discover it yourself.

1. Where does the name of your blog (Our Misfit Isle) come from?
You know how old heritage houses have really neat names like Turvey Abby or Woodland Manor? My husband and I decided we wanted our house is a neat name too, but since we are not the fancy type we wanted our house name to reflect us so we decided upon Misfit Isle after the Island of Misfit Toys scene in the claymation Christmas movie because we are just a little bit odd. Since I was going to be writing about our family and home life that nothing would be a better fit. 

 2. How would you define your blog? What do you usually blog about? 
I would define my blog as a lifestyle blog, which is just kind of a general catch all term. I usually blog about DIY home decor, my life in the sub-arctic, adoption, knitting, reading, my thoughts on living, share a few tips and tricks, crafty jewelry and living with gratitude. 

 3. When and why did you decide to start blogging?
I started blogging about 4 years ago when I was home recovering from a surgery and was really bored of laying around. But at the time I was interested in personal style so I started a style blog with a mix of fashion DIYs. But that got stale pretty quickly for me. I just got really uncomfortable with taking so many photos of myself and my content ran dry. I stopped blogging for about six months then last November I decided I really still wanted to blog. So I started up again because I just love the act of writing on a daily basis, I love playing with blog designs, I love having a place to be and share my creativity but mostly I started writing again because I have a lot to share and I love connecting with others. 

4. What's, in your opinion, the best thing about blogging? And your less favorite thing about it?
My favorite thing about blogging is connecting with people. This world is so vast and I am amazed on a daily basis that I can connect with people from around the world and share in their experiences, hear their perspectives and learn so much. My least favorite thing about blogging is using social media. I am a whiz with Instagram and Pinterest but I forget for months that Twitter and Facebook exist. I know it’s important to reach out and connect with people, hey it’s my favorite thing, but I get so busy reading other blogs I forget that promote my own to create more connections using those apps. 

5. Do you like Autumn? What's your favorite Autumn activity? 
My oh my do I ever love fall, it’s just the best time of the year. How on earth do you pick just one activity? Probably making all delicious pumpkin goodies or taking a photo walk in that crisp fall air. Or dressing for fall, I love layering and big scarves and boots. Or how good hot drinks taste. Or the way the light comes in my kitchen in the morning. Or starting up my knitting again. Or leaving the window open at night so it’s cold in the room and piling on a million blankets. There are a lot of favorites.

Thanks so much Alli, for answering all these questions! I'm really happy to feature you on my blog today, and I'm sure that others will be happy to discover your blog as well.  And, if you guys are not convinced yet on why you should totally go and follow Alli's blog right now, here's a little selection of my favorite posts of her:

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  1. Very nice interview, thanks for making me discover this very nice blog too.

    1. I'm sure you'll like it :) Thanks for commenting, and have a great start of the week!

  2. Aw, thanks for being so sweet and saying such nice things.


  3. Great interview! Alli is the best!

  4. lovely interview. i agree with the social media thing exactly - instagram? check. pinterest? check. twitter and facebook? not so much. xo

    1. Haha, yes, I agree. I use twitter (or try to get better at using it), but I just deleted my facebook account because I wasn't using it at all. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Yay Alli! I loved learning some new things about you as well as realizing, yet again, all the things we have in common. FB? Twitter? Pffftttt. Not a regular... :)