Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cross Stitching: A little something for the Bathroom

I had had in mind for a while to cross stitch something for the bathroom, because usually I do stuff for the kitchen, and sometimes for the desk area, but I had never done something for the bathroom. That's why when I found the pattern of this little bathtub I thought it was cute. 

The original colors of the pattern where very different (for example the towel was green, and the detail of the tub was blue), but I decided to pick the colors matching my own bathroom. Our mirror frame is orange, and the tiles on the wall are cream, so I ended up picking those for the towel and tub. And I like the finale result. I'll hang it on the wall because I don't want the frame to get damaged with the sink water, but I still need to decide exactly where.

DMC colors used:

White: 739
Cream: 977
Orange: 947
Grey: 414
Brown: 3826
Navy blue: 312
Purple: 3746
Pink: 894
Light blue: 519