Thursday, May 2, 2013

The 10 basics in a basic wardrobe: which clothes are a must have to always have something to wear.

I've got into the habit of posting about fashion on Thursdays, and today is not going to be an exception. Still, I wanted to start the post saying that... I've changed the layout of the blog!  I liked the old layout, but I had it up since I created the blog back in October, so I woke up feeling like it was time for a change. I hope you'll like the new one :)

Now, to the post! When I post about fashion I usually share an outfit, but today I'm going to talk about wardrobe basics (which in Spanish we call it "fondo de armario"), and it refers to those clothes that are basic in your wardrobe, because of the following characteristics:

  • They combine between them perfectly, and they easily go well with any other item you want to match them with. That's why they need to have very neutral colors. Their purpose is not to make you stand out, but to be the basics you'll match with other items that will be the ones that will personalize the outfit. 
  • They're very versatile: you can wear them in any occasion (formal or casual) depending on what you match them with.
  • They never go out of style, no matter if you wear them today or in 3 years.
  • They have very neutral colors, because the point of them is not to stand out, but to be very versatile. That's its most important characteristic: the fact that you can always wear them and you'll never have problems to match them.

How many times we've bought something because at the store it seemed like "a good idea", and then when we arrive home we have nothing to match it with? That's maybe because our basic wardrobe is failing somewhere (or because we need to do laundry, let's face it) There's a lot of "theories" pointing out which are the "must have" items in any women's wardrobe, so in here I'm putting those that I think, from a personal point of view, that are basic in my wardrobe. Let's start!

Wardrobe Basics

  1. 1. A blazer. In black, white, or cream color. Match it with black pants (number 10) to go to a job interview, or with jeans (number 2) to get a more casual look.
  2. 2. A pair of jeans, with straight leg. It's better if they're dark blue, because then you can use them both to go casual (matched with 5 and 7), or with a party top and a pair of high heel shoes (number 8) to get out at night.
  3. 3. A black dress (unless you don't wear dresses, then skip this one). Not too long and not too short, and with a pretty neutral look. With the dress what matters is the complements: wear it with a blazer to go to a job meeting, or with high heel sandals, pretty jewels and a party clutch to go to a night party.
  4. 4. A white shirt. It's really amazing all the situations in which it's going to save you to own a white shirt: you can wear it with jeans (2) and sneakers (7) to go casual, with black pants (10) and heels (8) to go formal. You can wear it open with a tee (5) under it, buttoned up, with the sleeves down or rolled up, with a scarf (6) or with a necklace... combinations are endless! That's why it's important that the white shirt you get a) it's good quality, it's an item you'll wear a lot and you don't want it to turn yellow after having washed it 5 times, and b) it fits well.
  5. A plain, simple, comfy t-shirt. I love them in grey, but as a basic they work in any neutral color. Wear them with jeans (2), with a scarf (6) or without it, or even with a blazer (1), jeans (2) and sneakers (7). It will be practical also to wear under sweaters, under hoodies, and to dress up quickly to run to the supermarket downstairs just to buy a couple of things.
  6. A scarf. We all love scarves and have a whole pile of them (at least I do!), but if we're talking about basics it's important that a) it matches with both formal clothes and casual ones, that's why, again, the colors need to be neutral and the fabric versatile. Match it with the tee (5) to go comfy, or with the dress (3) to go more formal. It matches with the blazer (1), with the black pants (10) with the buttoned shirt (4)... with everything! Again basic colors are going to save your day in more than one occasion.
  7. Sneakers. We love to get them in pretty colors like pink or baby blue, but if we're referring to basics, I love this soft shade of purple, that is almost grey. Then you can get them in other colors, but I think that having a pair of them that match with everything is a must, in that way you won't have to worry if it matches the color of the rest of your clothes.
  8. A pair of black, high heel shoes. Of course the sneakers are way more comfy, but it's possible that we have to go to a formal event, and we're going to need shoes that match the outfit. They go with the dress (3), with the jeans (2) if you put on a pretty top, with the black pants (10). Again, multiple combinations!
  9. A black bag, that is not too big and not too small. The one in the photo matches with everything, depending on what you combine it with: it can go with the black dress (3), but it also can go well with the t-shirt (5), because being a messenger bag the style is way more versatile.
  10. A pair of black pants. In this case I put ones that are maybe too tight on the leg (which might not be worn in 3 years anymore), but still I consider it's great to have one of those (as long as we feel them in well) if the jeans are already in straight leg. Besides they're in black, which means that stylize your legs more than lighter colors (for instance if they were white, or a pair of light blue jeans). Match them with the tee (5) and the scarf (6) for a casual look, with high heels (8) and the white buttoned shirt (4) for a more formal event... again, multiple combinations!

I think what's basic about a basic wardrobe is that in only 10 items it provides all the clothes you need to survive any kind of situation, because everything matches with everything. That's why I think we should invest money in these items, and when we have them all (or the ones that work for us, because again, everybody is different) buy the rest of the clothes, and then yes, we can buy unusual things and bright colors. And what's more important: the way to personalize the clothes and to be able to change the look very often without buying a lot of new clothes are the complements: different scarves, bags in all colors and shapes... and that's the fun part of it.


  1. Love your picks and it totally reminds me that I need to renew some of my basics. Also the sneakers you picked are so pretty <3

    1. We can go shopping when you come visit! :)

  2. Great pics! I have approximately two of these items. Okay, maybe three or four, but my wardrobe is definitely on the not awesome side. I guess that's what I get for having a job that requires me to wear khaki pants at their shirt!

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