Friday, April 12, 2013

10 great (and non expensive) things to do this Spring

Spring is here! It's colorful, it's cheerful, it's bright and it makes us happy :) Here's a list of 10 awesome (and totally NOT expensive) things you should do this Spring:

  1. Fly a kite. It doesn't matter your age, it doesn't matter if there's kids around or not, if you're alone or you're with somebody else... just do it. Did you know that kite flying was banned in Japan in 1760 because too many people preferred to fly kites than work? (more facts about kites here). 

  2. Paint your flower pots. Flowers bring a lot of color to our balconies and terraces, but if we also pain the flower pots in different colors, we'll multiply the positive effect that the color has in our mood - and  the result with be pretty!

  3. Build a birdhouse. Welcome the birds that flied from far away with a cute new house. It doesn't matter if you have a big garden, or just a balcony, there's always a place where to put it. Here are some books that can help you with it.

  4. Press pretty flowers inside books, so then you can frame them and keep them in home during all year long. You can even keep some to create cards for your friends, it will be a very personal and pretty gift.

  5. Capture the rainbow in a pic. Yes, it's not easy, but let's face it, if we do it, it's going to be awesome! With the big weather contrasts (rain and sun seem to go hand by hand in Spring) the chances of rainbows increase compared to the rest of the year. So don't forget your camera when you go out, you never know if you could see a rainbow!

  6. Start an herb garden. I'll never get tired of repeating this one. Start one (more about the awesomeness of having an herb garden in this post).

  7. Learn new Spring recipes. Change your usual menu, and try something different! Spring not only puts color in our balconies, it also puts it in our kitchen. Need inspiration? Check this link with 95 of the best Spring recipes!
  8. Hug a tree. It might sound a little bit pointless, but when was the last time you hugged a tree? Trees clean our oxygen and will give us shadow in Summer, so for sure they deserve some love too :)

  9. Give your email signature a spring look, adding a little flower next to the new, or some colorful detail. It will make the people that reads it smile.
  10. Make light covers for your terrace using decorated recycled plastic bottles and Christmas lights, they'll make a pretty effect at night :) You can find the instructions here.


  1. Ooo 95 spring recipes! I'm so there!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Ergo - Blog

    1. I want to try a lot of those recipes too! And thanks Chloe, have a great weekend you too! :)

  2. Nice list! Numbers 4 and 6 were actually on my "to-do list" for this year. It's been ages since I've pressed flowers. High time I did it again:)

    Have a nice spring!

    1. I really want to press flowers this year as well! Nice Spring to you too, and have a great weekend!

  3. Real springish advice! Cheerful and colourful!