Friday, November 16, 2012

10 non expensive gift ideas for a priceless present

Today's Friday Inspiration is a little bit more special than other weeks: I'm sharing with you all the same post I wrote for a blog called The Things We Find Inside (a blog that you definitely should check out!). 

Thanks Tami for giving me the opportunity to write a post for your blog, and for your nice words :)

  1. Make a Hug Box! How? It's easy: first create a small box, then wrap it up as if it was a present. The size of the box doesn't really matter, what is important is that you attach to it the following poem: This is a very special gift / that you can never see / the reason why it's so special is / it's just for you and me. // Whenever you are lonely / or are ever feeling blue / you only have to hold this gift / and you know I'm hugging you. // You never can unwrap it / please leave the ribbon tied / just hold the box close to your heart / it's filled with hugs inside. If it's a very small box you can even attach a magnet to the back so it can be placed on the fridge door.

  2. This one is a classic, but it always works: create a mixtape with songs that remind you of the other person, and if it's possible create a document to go with it, where it explains why you picked the songs. To make it special, the document should be handmade, not typed (unless you use a typewritten, then it can be charming).

  3. Draw something. Yes, you :) Even if you are not an artist, the fact that you took time to draw something for somebody else will give a lot of value to your work. When you're done, frame it, and write a personal message on the back of the frame.

  4. Make a Feel Good Jar: Gather a bunch of small papers of different colors, and on each of them write a good quality about other person. Then fold all the papers and fill a glass jar with them (you'll need a lot of papers, but that's what makes the gift special). Personalize a little the lid, and attach a tag that says: "open when you need to feel loved".

  5. Create a scrapbooking project with a photo you have of the other person, or even better, a photo where you are together. Add pieces of fabric, ribbons, die cuts... anything you have in hand. They'll love the result and it's a lot more personal than just framing a photo.

  6. Bake cookies, and then create a cardstock box to put them inside. Personalize the box to make the gift even prettier. Everybody loves cookies, and if they're handmade, even better!

  7. Home made bath salts are a gift that most women (or men!) will love. On the internet there's a lot of websites where it explains how to make them at home. It's original, cheaper than buying them, and the other person will know for sure that the gift has been made specially for them.

  8. A very special gift that kids can do to their parents, uncles, aunts or grandparents is stamping their  handprints (first covering the palm of the hands in paint) either on cardstock or a piece of cloth, for a time machine present. Frame the handprints, and attach the following poem: "Because I'm so small / and always leave my fingerprints / on furniture and walls. / But everyday I'm growing big / and soon I'll be very tall / then all my little hand prints / will be hard to recall. / So here's a special hand print / Just so that you can say / this is how my fingers looked / when I placed them here today".

  9. Cook something special for somebody special, by giving them a handmade gift certificate where it says that is valid for a dinner at your place the day they pick. 

  10. Make soap, and insert a little surprise that will only be found when the soap is used. You can find the instructions here.
Hope you can find some useful ideas in this list for a very special Christmas Gift. Enjoy! :)


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  4. These are lovely ideas Laura, and they mean so much more when they are hand made.

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