Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 useful websites with CUTE and FREE printables!

Living in a world where we have to pay for everything (or almost!), the fact that there's people who share their creations for free is something that always makes me smile. That's why in this post I've gathered 5 links with free printables that I've been bookmarking for a while... and the best of it, not only they're free, but they're also super cute!

  • THIS KALIL LIFE - Kimberly is a graphic designer who is offering a free printable a week during 2012. Which makes a page with 52 free printables! You can find labels, cute lists, cards,  funny quotes, or small planners.

  • GRACE IS OVERRATED - If you're looking for a new awesome project to start, journal pages can be a good option. Christie is offering 50 free super cute printable journal pages, so you can print them and fill them the way you want (or even exchange them with somebody else). They're awesome!

  • CLEAN MAMA - Offers a section with free printables related to make life a little bit easier. In there you can find To Do Lists or Cleaning Plans, among others.

  • U PRINTABLES - Rebecca is a digital designer who keeps updating her blog with free printables, aiming specially at scrapbooking or digital projects.

  • CHICKABUG BLOG - Heather offers a selection of awesome printables for themed parties or holidays. In there you can find from water bottle labels, to cards or gift certificates. They have also some Halloween ones (very appropriate for tomorrow!), for example a great Spell Book Cover!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! I'm honored to be included! : )

    1. I really love your website and printables!

  2. Thanks for sharing these! I especially like the journal pages and the to-do lists, definitely going to make use of some of these!