Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 reasons to give someone a handmade gift

  1. Because when you give something handmade, you're giving the other person something unique that can't be bought in any store.
  2. Because you can personalize the item according to the other person interests. You can give a real personalized gift that you know the other person is going to love.
  3. Because the value of a gift is not measured on how much it costs, but on how much caring it shows. 
  4. Because chances are that at some point somebody is going to return you the favor and you'll also receive something that somebody made specially for you.
  5. Because it gives you the option to express yourself and stand out, something that is very important in a world where we keep trying hard to fit in.
  6. Because you can recycle and reuse materials, helping the environment and making your life a little bit more sustainable.
  7. Because handmade products always make people smile.
  8. Because the more handmade products you do for others, the more you'll improve your technique and who knows, maybe at some point you can even sell your handmade products.
  9. Because you can make an awesome matching package to go with your gift, making it even more special.
  10. Because handmade rocks! :)

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